Countries i will visit on my journey

Countries i will visit on my journey

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Flags of all countries

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Last days in Brasil

After the Pantanal i went south to Bonito.
It is a small little town surrounded by crystal clear rivers and the biggest and deepest caves of Brazil.
Unfortunately you can not visit this attractions without booking a tour. And most of the tours are pretty expensive. I finally did a snorkeling tour on Rio de la Prata. And it was definitely worth it.
Snorkeled in crystal clear water downstream the Rio de la Prata, surrounded by lots of fishes and beautiful underwater landscapes. And because the water is so clear you can see hundreds of meter wide, it was really amazing!

The day after me and a few guys i met on the snorkeling trip, rented bikes and went to a small river, 6 km outside of Bonito. To get in the area next to the river, you need to buy a voucher in Bonito, because it is a private property. One guy from USA and me did not have that f***ing voucher and after hard discussion we were allowed to get in without paying anything. But we had to promise the owner, that next time we come, we have to pay.
Well, i will try to remember, in case i will ever come back to Bonito... :-)
But it was really nice there, you can go for a swim or snorkel along the river.
I even tried myself in"foot-volley"... Believe me when i say, playing volleyball is a lot easier! :-)

After Bonito i took the night-bus to Foz de Iguacu. From the bus station it took me an 1 hour walking with all my stuff on my back, to get to the hostel. I didn't want to spent money for a taxi and on the map it looked pretty close... :-)
When i arrived at the hostel i was sweating like an old post-horse, but i immediately made myself to the famous Iguacu falls.

The Iguacu falls can be visited from Brazil and Argentina. I did one day the Bralzilian side and on the next day the Argentinian side.

I visited also a small zoo next to the falls in Brasil, where you can see all different king of tropical birds.

In the hostel i met a nice couple from England/Portugal. We spent the day on the Argentinian side of the falls together. We even made a boat-trip very close to the falls and get completely wet, but it was really funny.


  1. Hi Raphi!

    It looks like you're having a great trip! Here in Bad Leonfelden the winter is really nice. Unfortunately we've all been sick for a week so we couldn't enjoy it quite as much as we wanted to! To read your stories and to look at all your wonderful photos made our day! We're curious to hear more from you!

    Good luck and best wishes,
    Traudi, Hans and Anna

  2. I really enjoy looking at your superb photos as well as reading your great stories in your blog.Hope to hear from you soon.
    regards M.