Countries i will visit on my journey

Countries i will visit on my journey

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Flags of all countries

Monday, 2 March 2015

On "Penguin"-Island...

Took the night-bus from Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn, which is close to the peninsula Valdes.
It is famous for its wildlife like guanacu, emus, armadillos, sea-elephants, seals, dolphins, penguins and Orcas.
Together with 2 French guys and a girl from the Netherlands we rent a car for 2 days and explored Valdes on our own. We stayed at a small town on the peninsula called Puerto Pyramides. It is a sleepy little village with max. 500 inhabitants, but there is a nice beach and it seems that there is always a strong wind. (Would be a Kiters/Surfers paradise...)
We went for a swim in the ocean, but it is not very warm and with the cold wind it is really freezing when you get out of the water...

Valdes is almost flat and there is hardly any vegetation except grass and dry bushes Most of the roads are not paved, only gravel roads, so it takes a long time to get around the island.
We went to the east coast and saw lots of penguins, sea-lions and seals. The contrast is very funny, to see the penguins next to the desert/grass land landscape. But because of the cold wind and ocean I think they feel like home in Antarctica. :-)
And the Sea-elephants are really massive, the males can have a weight up to 4 tons.
Unfortunately we did not see any Orcas, but maybe next time. I still have 9 months left... hehe ;-)
 Back in Puerto Madryn we chilled one day, organised our stuff and planned our next trips.
I will head now to Ushuaia, which is the southern most city of the world and therefore also known as "the end of the world"!! :-) Yess!! ;-)


  1. Who is the penguin with the blue shirt and the beard? just kidding!!!!
    Must have been wonderful time there despite the chill!
    What does it feel like being at "the end of the world"? looking forward to hearing from you down there!
    regards mah

  2. Servus Raphi

    How are you?
    I just read you are heading for "Fireland", I hope you don't burn yourself. (HoHoHo) ;)

    best regards
    El Chatti

    PS: Don't unlearn Magic. ;)