Countries i will visit on my journey

Countries i will visit on my journey

Flags of all countries

Flags of all countries

Monday, 11 May 2015

On Rapa Nui

Spent 4 days on Rapa Nui, better known as Easter islands (discovered by a dutch explorer on an Easter-Sunday in the 18th century). It is famous for its 887 stone monuments, which have a shape of human men and women and are called moais as well as for the magnificent landscapes.

Stayed at a camp side in the only town on this island and made some day tours to the countless interesting places on the most isolated island in the world.
Although Rapa Nui is very small, there are so much things to visit that you can easily fill up a week.
I wanted to see everything so I had four very stress full days. Because beside the moais, there are interesting caves, coast-lines, volcano-craters, ruins with petroglyphs, etc to explore.

Did some diving as well, because the coast of the easter island has one of the clearest water in the world due to missing water-pollution. But there is not that much sea-life to see and I had to share my diving equipment with another guy. So I ended up diving for 20mins as suddenly I could not breath anymore because my compressed-air tank was empty. Luckily I had just 6-7m to the water surface... :-)

On the highest hill (507m) you have a great view of the whole island. And suddenly get a feeling
for how isolated this island lies in the middle of the pacific ocean, a few thousand miles away from the next land side.
I felt a little bit like Robinson Crusoe when he stranded on his lonely island.

Most moais are destroyed, so that you can just see the platforms or parts of the moais like faces or their hats. The few of them which are still one piece or were restored are visited by everybody, especially during sunset and sunrise. Although it is very crowded I think it is worth to do it as well. :-)

One evening I visited also one of the dance shows performed by the local people. Was quite cool with lots of very beautiful girls wearing unique costumes or almost nothing... (No more to say at this point!! :-)  )

Had really a great time on Rapa Nui and can recommend this island far far away, to everybody. But do not make the mistake and spent to less time here!
As the guide-book "A companion to Easter island" says, if you have just two days time here, go first to the LAN-airline office and ask if you can change your flight back... :-)

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