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Countries i will visit on my journey

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Flags of all countries

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Baking heat and the first days in Rio

I arrived well at 11 pm in Rio de Janeiro, staying at the El Misti hostel Copacabana.
The staff there is really very friendly and helpful...

The 1st thing which hacked me down was this outstanding heat here in Rio.
During the night we had temperatures around 30°C and during the day almost 40°C.
This is amazing!! And i left home in the deepest winter with some snowstorms... :-)

On my first day in Rio i went to the Pao the Acucar, the sugar leaf mountain.
There is a cable car going up the mountain with a middle station at the Urca mountain and the final station on the peak of the 396m high sugar leaf.
I read, that you can hike up to the middle station and then buy a ticket for the peak.
It took me 30 min and almost all of my water to get up the Urca mountain, because it was so extremely hot.
At the middle station i found out that they stopped selling tickets for the peak since 2 months.
You can get only tickets on the ground station and you have to pay the full price...
I thought f**k you and tried to hike up the sugar leaf by my own but there is no chance, you really need climbing equipment because it is so steep.

I was completely pissed, all the hike up for nothing... But at least it was funny watching the other hikers coming up Urca mountain making the same experience :-)
In the end i went down again, bought the ticket and got to the peak of this fucking sugar leaf mountain..
But the view up there is really amazing! And because of spending already a lot of time to finally get up, i could make some nice pictures of the beautiful sunset...

On the 2nd day i made a city tour visiting the Christ redeemer statue, Santa Teresa, the colorfull Escadaria saleron steps and guess right, again the sugar leaf mountain... :-)
But I didn't went up again, i spent some time on the beach next to it, relaxing drinking coconut water and some awful brasilian beer...

Next day was pretty relaxing, organizing boring stuff and spent some time on the Copacabana beach. Man this beach is crowded!!
Lots of people were playing volleyball but only with their feet. The Brasilian call this foot-volley and it's very famous over there. It was amazing to see how many of them are doing sports on the beach like playing volleyball, football but also doing special workouts for their fitness.
I think that's why you can't see that much fat people in Rio.
Most of them are very well trained and good locking. (I don't have to mention that, with "good locking" i mean the girls of course!! :-)  )
And when you see a fat person it is normally a bloody tourist!
In the evening a few guys from the hostel and me go to the famous "Local beatz"-party.
There was a life band playing and after the band finished disco and party hard...
(for insiders: "Disco-Raphi! Disco-Raphi" hehe... )

We had a lot of fun!!


  1. Nice pictures, nice Story.
    I think I missed an amazing party night. ;)
    The weather here in Austria is disgusting. Rain, wind and coldness.
    Getting jealous when I see all the crazy stuff you are enjoying.
    Go on Raphi. Looking forward to the next posts containing pictures from the dungle. ;)

    Christian D