Countries i will visit on my journey

Countries i will visit on my journey

Flags of all countries

Flags of all countries

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Raphi around the world?

Hy guys,

This is a blog of my journey around the world starting in January 2015.
I want to use this blog to upload photos of my trip and to post some messages.
Feel free to comment any posts or photos i will upload... :-)
I will also welcome posts of breaking news from home while i am off... :-)

And here is roughly my planned route:
4 month South America
(Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru)
1,5 month New Zealand
2,5 month Australia
2 month South-East-Asia
(Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia)
at least a 2-week-stay on Sri Lanka


  1. YES!!!! I am so excited too....and I don't even get to go!! LOL
    Kathy in Kelowna, BC, Canada

  2. Best wishes from Alexandra, Peter, Philipp, Teresa und Vicky!

  3. Alles Gute, w√ľnsch dir eine unvergessliche Zeit!

    Hier ein clip zur Motivation: